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Better online


Security specialists Zoran Kalvaresin and Sam Rabar make better online safety happen with leading cyber tech. Their work keeps critical infrastructure, organizations and large companies safe. In other words, they ensure the safety and security of our society.
Zoran Kalvaresin, Common Product Manager, and Sam Rabar, Sales Engineer, at Telia.

As the world has digitized, the number of cyber security threats has escalated. Every second, all around our digital world, there is a risk that digital systems are attacked, sometimes with data leakage, brand damage and loss of trust as a result.


”We see a big gap between how far societies have come in their digital journey and having an adequate level of cybersecurity protection”, says Sam Rabar, Senior Sales Engineer and Cybersecurity Specialist.


Our team of Security Specialists is on a mission to narrow this gap, by helping customers — mainly large companies and authorities — reach a proper level of security.

“With our ArtificiaI Intelligence (AI) solutions we mitigate various cyberattacks, increasing online safety for our society.”
Sam Rabar, Sales Engineer at Telia.
Sam Rabar.
An anonymous hacker is sitting in front of a computer.

In our company, we work with a wide range of security solutions, and in our team we focus on one of the most fast-growing. A global cloud-based service that combines CDN with edge security. All to protect our customers’ web applications, data, and APIs from various cyber threats: bots, DoS and DDoS attacks, unauthorized data access, etcetera. The built-in AI and ML engine distinguishes human visitors from malicious bots, as well as prevents zero-day attacks.


It’s a unique solution on the Nordic market, and our security software and app developers make sure security assurances are integrated into the development processes. As a Common Product Manager, Zoran Kalvaresin collaborates closely with all stakeholders to execute the product vision, strategy, development, harmonization, and consolidation across markets and segments through the entire product lifecycle.


”In the domain of cybersecurity, me and my colleagues’ work directly impacts the safety and security of individuals, businesses, organizations – or even nations. Working with cutting edge technology that is rapidly changing makes me feel special”, Zoran says.

“I feel proud to solve real world problems with cutting edge technology.”
Security specialist Zoran Kalvaresin is working as a Common Product Manager at Telia.
Zoran Kalvaresin.

Besides helping customers with the right technical solutions for their needs, we also have an educational role, where we share knowledge and guide organizations to a higher level of security. Sales Engineer Sam supports the sales team by leading technical workshops with customers, producing reports, and conduct webinars for the public sector.


”In my role, it is very gratifying to work for a leading and well-respected company like Telia. Everyone wants to hear the insights that Telia and I can share about cybersecurity, and the customers expect us to have unique knowledge about best practices and how they should prioritize their defense in depth”, Sam says.


This requires a constant curiosity and ears to the ground, to always stay updated on threats and vulnerabilities, to be the thought leader within cyber security that our customers — and the society — need.


We’re Telia. And we’re making better online safety happen with leading cyber tech.

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