When Lithuania prepared for the NATO Summit in July 2023, they faced a challenging task: ensuring internet connectivity and safety at the Litexpo Congress Center in Vilnius, where the summit was set to happen. Join Rimas Žukauskas, Project Manager in Lithuania, as he tells the story about how a team of security experts from Telia secured the NATO Summit—a high-level gathering for leaders from member countries to discuss collective defense and security.

Over six months of preparation

Our journey started in January, over six months ahead of the big day. We knew the significance of the event, and that’s why we began preparations early. It took us three months to set up the infrastructure and network, but that was just the beginning. We had to adapt to shifting requirements and navigate equipment delivery challenges. But our fantastic 50-person team rose to every challenge.


As the NATO Summit took place, we operated around the clock. Twenty specialists worked during the day, and we had a bit smaller team for night shifts. Cybersecurity was our top priority, with a dedicated security expert onsite and others working remotely.

From satellite phones to rock-solid security

At the Litexpo congress center, we connected over 2,000 workplaces to the internet and ensured they had electrical support. We set up a security and network operations center always on standby 24/7.


When it comes to cybersecurity, we left no stone unturned, with six physical firewalls, specialized Anti-DDoS measures, and seven robust internet lines. Our communication network specialists watched everything closely, from potential threats to malicious devices. We even had satellite phones ready for any crisis

“We monitored every device and proactively addressed malicious activity”

Always aware, always proactive

Our 24/7 security and network operations center was our first line of defense against external and network security threats. We monitored every device and proactively addressed malicious activity. Our specialists analyzed data from specialized security devices and took quick action to prevent security incidents.

Record levels of network workload

In addition to ensuring cybersecurity, Telia‘s specialists went to great lengths to fortify the network‘s capacity to endure exceptionally high workloads.


“During the event, about 5,000 unique users used communication services, and at peak times about 3,500 devices were connected at the same time. Following the speeches of the presidents of the United States and Ukraine, more than 2,000 journalists worked in the media hall, and at that time the internet speed in the Litexpo center reached 3 Gbps,” says Rimas Žukauskas.

Handling the summit’s network load

In addition to cybersecurity, we had to ensure the network could handle some serious traffic. During the event, during the Summit around 5,000 unique users accessed communication services, with peaks seeing 3,500 devices connected at the same time. After the speeches by the Presidents of the United States and Ukraine, more than 2,000 journalists filled the media hall, pushing the Litexpo center’s internet speed to 3 Gbps.


To ensure a smooth connection, we laid 150 kilometers of network cable, 10 kilometers of optical cable, and welded over 1,500 fibers.


The NATO Summit was unique, it wasn’t just another day at the office. It was a chance for the team to put what we’ve got to the test, to put our knowledge and skills to work, and to really shine. Having the right people at the right place is everything.


We’re Telia. And we’re making better happen!


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