Linnéa Gåsste, Jasin Ali and Janna Peritalo at Telia Service Assurance.


With automation and real-time troubleshooting, Linnéa, Jasin and Janna deliver reliable network performance and availability to millions of people. With the help of data and analysis, streamlined processes, and great collegiality, the team solves problems behind the scenes — so that our digital everyday life can go on without interruptions.

Today, we expect internet and telephones to work at all time and places. Connectivity enables us to stay in touch with friends and family, work remotely, do bank errands, or stream our favorite series. Functional networks can also be the difference between life and death when be you find yourself in an emergency.


At Telia, our mission is to make this a reality, to reinvent better connected living. We provide service assurance by monitoring, analyzing and acting on problems in our networks, to deliver reliable performance and availability to all customers across the Nordic and Baltic region.

“My job has a huge impact on people’s daily life. The responsibility was quite stressful at first, but now I find it exciting.”
Linnéa Gåsste, Janna Peritalo and Jasin Ali.

Many things must fall in place to create that domino effect when a network functions properly, without any delays or outages. But there are countless threats that can cause interruptions — anything from an excavated cable to a flood or a wildfire.


Senior Operations Manager Linnéa Gåsste deals with these challenges every day. She was studying innovation and design engineering when she heard about the job opportunity at Telia and decided to take a chance on it. Now she has worked at Service Assurance’s control center in Sweden for almost four years and has never regretted it.

Linnéa’s responsibility is to monitor the consumer mobile network, which means that her actions have immediate effect on millions of phones and their users. She automatically receives alarms in the ticketing system whenever an incident occurs in the network. She analyzes the data of the alarms and assess their impact before she prioritizes between them and start the problem-solving.


“Year after year we have the best mobile network in Sweden, according to the independent Umlaut benchmarking. I feel proud to contribute to that and be a part of a leading company”, Linnéa says.


The team working with service assurance is the spider in the web when a network or service problem occurs, and the troubleshooting often involves collaboration with partners, suppliers, or specialist teams within Telia. For instance, when a DDoS attack takes place, we work close to our cybersecurity specialists to handle the situation.

“I love the investigating and problem-solving part of my job, to work close with colleagues and try to find the root cause and the solution.”

Linnéas colleague Jasin Ali started his career at Telia as a summer trainee. At that time, he worked with network operations at the control center, which he continued to do on the side of his engineering studies in computer science. After earning his master’s degree three years ago, he joined us full-time.


Today, Jasin is a product owner of an incident ticketing system called TeliaNOW, that will replace several existing systems. TeliaNOW automates tasks and provides smart integrations, meaning that everyone who works with service assurance can handle both critical incidents and recurring problems even better.


Jasin acts as a bridge between the process managers and the developers, leading discussions and analyzing information to make the right priorities based on customer needs.

“No days are the same, I face new challenges all the time and that drives me forward.”

One of the process managers that Jasin is in regular contact with is Janna Peritalo. She is located at our office in Jyväskylä, Finland, and has worked in different roles with our change management process for six years.


The process purpose is to ensure that all changes done in our networks are planned and implemented in a safe and controlled way, and that our customers are minimally impacted and notified in advance.


“I like to have contact with all fantastic colleagues in the different markets, listen to their needs, and make their daily job easier. For example, by automating tasks and reduce the number of systems they work with, which is what TeliaNOW will do”, Janna says.


”By simplifying and streamlining our operations, we will handle network incidents even quicker and better. And that is crucial to make sure our customers — meaning our whole society — stay connected 24/7”, Jasin adds.


We’re Telia. And we’re making a better connected society happen with automation and real-time troubleshooting.

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