Jenny Gustavsson, Innovation Manager, and Ivan Bretan, Senior Expert in 5G Enterprise Product Management.


Jenny and Ivan are part of our NorthStar team, providing companies with next level 5G that enables network slicing and other cutting-edge technologies. Together with our technical experts and the clients’ R&D departments, they explore and develop solutions that aim to safeguard Swedish infrastructure. An example is the transport corridors, dedicated to Swedish infrastructure and continued innovative strength. This work also keeps global companies at the forefront of innovation — creating a safer and more sustainable future.
Ivan Bretan, Senior Expert in 5G Enterprise Product Management, and Jenny Gustavsson, Innovation Manager, at AstaZero.

Outside Gothenburg in Sweden, one of the world’s most advanced test tracks for automated transport systems is located: AstaZero. Telia’s Jenny Gustavsson, Innovation Manager, and Ivan Bretan, Senior Expert in 5G Enterprise Product Management, are on-site to observe a test with a remotely controlled car.


Jenny and Ivan are both part of our NorthStar team that has built a dedicated 5G network at AstaZero, with capabilities that are brand new from Ericsson’s product development. Today, they are witnessing a test where the remotely controlled car is connected to a 5G network slice — a virtual network within the physical network — dedicated to the specific vehicle and optimized for the use case.


”It’s always exciting to see, hands-on, what our pioneering technology enables with your own eyes. It makes you extra proud to be part of this groundbreaking collaboration,” Jenny says.


Ivan agrees, stating, ”Yes, and today’s test proved that the connection remains stable even though there are other surrounding network traffic potentially disturbing the remotely controlled car.”

“The most rewarding aspect of my job is seeing ideas transform into reality.”
Ivan Bretan, Senior Expert in 5G Enterprise Product Management, at AstaZero's test track.
Ivan Bretan at AstaZero’s test track.

Ivan has been a part of Telia for decades, primarily working with mobile services. He started focusing on 5G and its possibilities for enterprises already in 2016, when the technology was still in its infancy.


He was involved in the development of the network, from a small test version in our laboratory to its launch as Sweden’s first large-scale public 5G network in 2020. And in parallel, Ivan and his team built a 5G innovation network for research and development — today known as NorthStar’s network.


”I recognized the potential of 5G for enterprises early on, and it’s truly exciting to now take part in its realization. While our initial focus is on the automotive and transport industries, NorthStar also enables innovations such as remote and decentralized healthcare, and enhanced power grids to meet the needs of electrification. The possibilities are nearly endless,” Ivan says.

“It’s very inspiring to collaborate with knowledgeable people on a daily basis.”
Jenny Gustavsson, Innovation Manager, at AstaZero's test track.
Jenny Gustavsson, Innovation Manager.

Jenny joined Telia in 2019 as the head of our Internet of Things (IoT) and data insights offering for the transport industry. Prior to that, she had many years of experience in marketing digital solutions to the automotive sector. When NorthStar was set to launch in early 2023, Jenny was the perfect match for the role as Innovation Manager for the program.


”I get to apply all my industry-specific knowledge and experience while learning new things every day. 5G technologies are in constant development, and we have only scratched the surface of their potential as enablers of smart and sustainable transport solutions,” Jenny states.

“We provide a fast lane for Swedish companies to stay at the forefront of innovation and to solve the challenges of tomorrow.”
5G mast seen from above at AstaZero's test track in Sweden.
The 5G network at AstaZero enables research and development of, for example, advanced safety systems in vehicles.

Ensuring a reliable and secure connection is key to transforming autonomous and remotely operated vehicles into a reality. This transformation holds the potential to usher in a more sustainable future, characterized by enhanced road safety. Anticipate improved traffic flow, advanced urban planning, and infrastructure design, along with decreased greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, it promises to revolutionize mobility and enhance access to activities for our elders and individuals with disabilities.


Telia launched the NorthStar program in collaboration with Ericsson in 2023. The program is built around a dedicated, purpose-built mobile network that works in parallel to our public 5G network. NorthStar’s network incorporates functionalities that are expected to be available globally in public networks in approximately two years. AstaZero, owned and operated by the research organization RISE, was the first client to join the program.


In her role, Jenny scouts for and leads discussions with Swedish enterprises that will benefit from early 5G access in their R&D activities.


”I get the chance to work very closely with both the team from Telia and Ericsson, as well as the client’s R&D department. Together, we engage in matchmaking to identify which products or solutions to test with future 5G functionalities. When these functionalities become publicly available, our clients already have market-ready solutions to start selling,” Jenny says.


We’re Telia. And we make better innovation happen with next level 5G.

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