Anton Joakimson, Commercial Business Manager, and Anders Hall, Key Account Manager.


As part of the green transition, electricity demand is expected to double in the coming decades. B2B experts Anton and Anders assist electricity distribution companies in digitizing their grids to meet the needs of tomorrow. They work closely with the clients and various departments within Telia to construct smart grids for a sustainable future.
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Electricity is a frequent topic in the news, whether it’s the increased sales of electric vehicles, the construction of new wind farms, or rising electricity prices. All of these are characteristics of the ongoing electrification of society, which is a key element in achieving the climate goals and creating a fossil-free future.


However, much of today’s electricity grids were designed more than 50 years ago and need to be modernized to meet future demands. And this is where our networks and services come in, as we help electricity distribution companies connecting and digitalizing their grids.


”I have a long background in the energy industry, and it’s really exciting to use all my knowledge and connections to help clients solving this complex challenge. The smart grids that we build together will secure stable and green electricity to us and future generations,” says Anders Hall, Key Account Manager.

“If you, like me, are passionate about business and technology, and also want to make a positive impact on society, Telia is truly the place to be.”
Anders Hall, Key Account Manager.

Among Anders’ clients is Ellevio, one of Sweden’s largest energy companies with close to one million customers. Ellevio is now connecting their 8,000 substations, the nodes that monitor and control the electricity distribution in the grid, and we deliver the complete infrastructure.


This includes a network management system and equipment, such as routers and switches, required to build Ellevio’s new packet-based data network.


”As a sales person, it’s satisfying to offer clients our well-known expertise and technology. No other company within our field could do this kind of project, with the high demand on redundancy and security that it requires,” says Anders.

“I work cross-functionally with various departments at Telia to find the perfect solution for the client.”
Anton Joakimson, Commercial Business Manager.

Based on the Ellevio case, we have launched a new business vertical to help more electricity distributors connect their grids, enabling smart monitoring and automation.


”Me, Anders and the team are creating a scalable solution for smart grids, which is really exciting. I am responsible for specifying the service requirements to ensure that we have a viable and cost-efficient solution,” says Anton Joakimson, Commercial Business Manager.


Both Anders and Anton joined us about seven years ago, but their paths did not cross until recently. Anton has had a true career journey at Telia, starting as a Sales Representative and eventually becoming a Store Manager in his hometown of Jönköping. He continued to work in the store while he studied business administration and economics, but after earning his master’s degree he applied for our Executive Management Trainee program.


For one year he had the unique position as CCO B2B trainee, collaborating closely with top management and their leadership team.


”The trainee program was a fantastic experience where I learned a lot, and I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in business, tech and management. Afterwards, it was a natural step for me to work in business management in our B2B division,” Anton says.

“I’m very proud to be a part of modernizing the electricity industry.”
Anton Joakimson, Commercial Business Manager, and Anders Hall, Key Account Manager, from Telia together with a representative from energy company Ellevio by a power station.

Anders has many years of experience in sales and business development within the energy sector. When he joined us, he ventured into a completely new industry.


”It was a perfect match. I get to learn new things every day, and at the same time, I benefit from all my previous experience”, says Anders.


Both Anders and Anton are driven by the fact that the business they are doing also contributes to something bigger.


”What I like most about Telia is our customer focus, and that we truly provide people and businesses with the best and most secure networks and services. And with our size, we have a real impact on society,” Anton says.


We’re Telia. And we make a better electrified future happen with digitized grids.

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