In the advanced environment of the Cloud, proper support and training are crucial for maximizing the platform’s effectiveness and value. That’s why we’ve partnered with Amazon Web Services to introduce our Telia Cloud Academy, one of the most comprehensive training programs in the Nordic regions. Sarah Berenji, our Lead Machine Learning Architect, is among the many employees here at Telia who are eagerly expanding their knowledge and embracing the future through our Academy.
Sarah Berenji, Lead Machine Learning Architect på Telia

In her role, Sarah is responsible for facilitating the daily work of our Data Scientists by providing a well-designed environment where they can operate seamlessly. While Sarah had previous experience working with various technologies in other environments at Telia, such as On-Prem, the Cloud environment was initially uncharted territory for her.


“Amazon AWS has reinvented so many of classic shared data center concepts, and Cloud Academy was very helpful for transitioning into this new environment. Telia Cloud Academy can help in adapting people with different experience levels to better utilize hyper scalers platforms, ” says Sarah.

“Our Cloud Academy initiative perfectly aligns with our innovation strategy and plays a crucial role in the future of our company. “
Sarah Berenji, Lead Machine Learning Architect på Telia

Unlocking success through skills development


Armed with her newly acquired skills, Sarah and her team embarked on a project to develop Machine Learning templates and example notebooks for our Data Scientists. The goal was to streamline their analysis process and provide step-by-step examples to help them transition from ideas to production.


“Our Academy has been instrumental in providing valuable educational support for this project. As Telia follows a cloud-first strategy, having this kind of support is crucial. The Cloud is a relatively new and advanced environment, and we need a comprehensive understanding of it at all levels of our organization to achieve our future goals,” Sarah continues.

“To drive our cloud-first strategy forward, it’s important that everyone in our organization comprehends the opportunities offered by the Cloud.”
Sarah Berenji, Lead Machine Learning Architect på Telia

The learning paths offered by Telia Cloud Academy include diverse courses, ranging from general overviews to specialized and advanced topics. Through our partnership with AWS, Microsoft and Google, we can also request customized content tailored to the specific needs of each participant.


“The broad range of course content available through our Academy allows individuals in various roles within our company to find something of value. Whether you’re a developer, an analyst, or a business professional, our Academy offers tailored content and effective tools to enhance your daily work,” highlights Sarah.


We’re Telia, and through continuous learning, we’re making better happen.

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