To stay ahead of the curve in the fast-paced digital age, we have partnered with AWS, Microsoft and Google to launch one of the largest in-house training programs in the Nordic region. The Telia Cloud Academy training program equips our people with the skills and best practices necessary to drive our cloud-first strategy forward. Joel Larsson, Analytics Product Manager, was quick to seize this opportunity.
Joel Larsson, Senior Enterprise Delivery Architect på Telia

Here at Telia, Joel Larsson is responsible for developing Machine Learning platforms that streamline the technical environment in Cloud Analytics for our customers and employees. According to Joel, understanding the user is vital for delivering personalized products and enhancing customer experiences. To meet the growing demand for personalization, it is essential to continuously improve the processes, organization, and technical foundation on which these use cases rely.


“Having this opportunity to dedicate time to development is something I’m very pleased about. The architecture and machine learning courses I took through Telia Cloud Academy gave me a better understanding of our users and their work processes. This allowed me to create more efficient platforms and workflows, work more hands-on, and communicate more effectively with all the different people within our organization,” says Joel

“It’s truly a unique selling point for Telia to offer such a broad range of courses on major platforms.”
Joel Larsson, Senior Enterprise Delivery Architect på Telia
Self-driving car at Telia

Empowering growth through education

Joel’s dedication to understanding platforms and users not only expanded his knowledge but also propelled him to an impressive achievement. Out of 170,000 competitors worldwide, he secured 11th place in the AWS DeepRacer contest, the world’s largest autonomous racing competition.


“The competition involved training a self-driving car to navigate a racetrack as quickly as possible. Before the race, we had the opportunity to train our car in a virtual environment by rewarding it when it made the right turns. It was a fun way to train your skills while competing with others,” explains Joel.

“Telia Cloud Academy has increased my confidence and credibility in my role and helped me improve my problem-solving ability to take our products to new heights.”
Joel Larsson, Senior Enterprise Delivery Architect på Telia

In Joel’s work of developing and providing platforms to the different teams here at Telia, the entire education journey is an integral part of the platform launches. To help the employees gain more knowledge of the platforms, Joel and his team collaborated with Cloud Academy to create learning paths for specific job roles within our organization to simplify the course selection process for the employees.


“With the help of these learning paths, employees can now choose courses based on their role and what they need to learn to use the platform in their work. Telia Cloud Academy has played a key role here by upskilling and reskilling our employees, which is crucial for continuing our transformation journey.”


We’re Telia, and through continuous learning, we’re making better happen.

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