To stay progressive and relevant in today’s interconnected world, it is crucial to possess fluency and mastery of emerging technologies. That’s why we prioritize continuous learning and upskilling for our people – enabling them to excel in their roles and navigate the ever-evolving Cloud landscape. One example of this commitment to learning is Torbjörn Svantesson, who recently completed courses through Telia Cloud Academy – one of the Nordic region’s most extensive in-house Cloud training programs.

Torbjörn Svantesson embarked on his journey with us at Telia 23 years ago. Throughout his career, he has embraced diverse roles within our organization, even venturing into another global company to expand his horizons. Today, as a Delivery and Solution Architect, Torbjörn has found the perfect blend, harmonizing his expertise in nurturing customer relationships with his passion for exploring cutting-edge technologies. Since rejoining our team, he has been a key player in our rapid transformation journey, emphasizing the importance of staying ahead of technological developments.


“The pace of our transformation is accelerating, and as a result, we need to educate our employees even more – both in terms of breadth and depth. Cloud Computing offers enormous potential, and our employees need to gain knowledge in this area to harness these opportunities. This is where Telia truly shines, thanks to the learning possibilities offered by our Academy,” says Torbjörn.

“I have never worked for an organization that places a greater emphasis on investing in the ongoing education and development of its employees.”
Torbjörn Svantesson, Senior Enterprise Delivery Architect på Telia

Transforming knowledge into triumph


Since last year, Torbjörn has been a proud ambassador for Telia Cloud Academy, or as we call it, a Cloud Champion. With his previous experience in educating in computer science, it was an obvious choice for him to share his knowledge and help others embark on their growth journey.

“I am very passionate about continuous learning, so when the opportunity arose to spread awareness about our Academy, it was a natural choice for me to contribute. As a Cloud Champion, I coach and guide employees on their educational journey while identifying organizational needs through our Learning Events in collaboration with our suppliers.”

“Telia Cloud Academy is a golden opportunity to strengthen your own competitiveness while also contributing to our company’s success.”
Torbjörn Svantesson med kollegorna Joel Larsson och Sadri Gargouri på Telia

Through Telia Cloud Academy, Torbjörn also had the opportunity to become a Microsoft Certified Azure Solution Architect Expert and further broaden his skills in Software Defined Networking and Data Centers. This newfound knowledge proved to be invaluable in his latest customer case.


“At Telia, we believe in building strong partnerships with our customers instead of just providing services. It is our responsibility to understand and add value to their environment. In my latest case, my education and understanding of Microsoft Azure proved invaluable when our customers required expertise in this area. Through Telia Cloud Academy, we can continuously learn and develop our skills, enabling us to stay competitive and grow as a partner to our customers. ”


We’re Telia, and through continuous learning, we’re making better happen.

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