We have a clear vision for the future: to become the digital telecommunications leader in our region, embracing cloud-native solutions and modern operating models. To turn this vision into reality, we have partnered with AWS, Microsoft and Google, ensuring that our team has the necessary skills and knowledge for the transformative journey ahead. One of the key members on this journey is Sadri Gargouri, our Cloud DevOps Engineer.
Sadri Gargouri, Cloud & DevOps Engineer på Telia

Sadri Gargouri joined Telia as an intern in November 2020. As part of our Cloud team, he is now responsible for leading our Cloud transformation journey forward. With a focus on Google, he enables our teams at Telia to move into the Cloud with hybrid and adaptable solutions so that they can utilize the Cloud in the best way possible. As the speed of technology constantly increases, our learning platform, Telia Cloud Academy, plays an important role in keeping us updated with the latest trends.


“Although our cloud partners have been around for more than 15 years, everything related to the Cloud remains relatively new. That’s why our partnership is a vital initiative for us. It updates us as employees with the latest technology through diverse courses and best practices. Moreover, our close collaboration facilitates an open dialogue to exchange improvement ideas, resulting in customized course content that perfectly fits our company’s requirements,” says Sadri.

“Amazon Web Services provides us with an incredible opportunity to access customized and tailored content that perfectly aligns with the needs of our journey at Telia.”
Sadri Gargouri, Cloud & DevOps Engineer på Telia
Sarah Berenji, Torbjörn Svantesson och Sadri Gargouri på Telia

Broadening possibilities by expanding horizons


In a company as large as ours, with many different competencies, it’s important that we all know how the technologies and platforms work to use them effectively. This shared understanding holds immense significance, not just for our internal operations while transferring workloads to the Cloud but also to ensure our customers derive maximum value from our solutions.


“When it comes to Amazon Web Services, no one understands it better than themselves. In a recent project, I focused on improving an Amazon product’s safety. By taking a course through Telia Cloud Academy. I gained a comprehensive understanding of the product’s backend functionality and its intended operation as designed by Amazon. It enabled me to delve into its mechanics and improve to maximize the product’s benefits. I find great satisfaction in working for a company that places such significant emphasis on this partnership.”

“For Telia to lead the way and triumph in attracting top talent, we must embrace the Cloud—it’s where the future lies.”
Sadri Gargouri, Cloud & DevOps Engineer på Telia

Telia Cloud Academy not only offers a diverse selection of customized courses and knowledge-sharing sessions but also provides lab environments for hands-on experimentation and learning. As Sadri emphasizes, this approach is undoubtedly the most effective way to embark on your growth journey, allowing you to take that crucial first step towards success.


“Based on my own experience, I can confidently say that taking risks and being willing to experiment is essential to learning in this area. Even if things don’t work out as planned, valuable lessons are always gained. The most important thing is having the courage to take the first step and try. Our Academy initiative is a truly courageous step, and we should all embrace this remarkable opportunity and make the most of it.”


We’re Telia, and through continuous learning, we’re making better happen.

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